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Join our next free online webinar for Construct for Sage Accounts

Construct for Sage Accounts is the most popular contract management solution for small to medium sized contractors used by over 2,750 businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

This comprehensive and flexible construction accounting software solution provides you with the tools required to run and manage your business effectively and efficiently, helping you to increase margins, reduce risk, manage projects and save time and money.

Whether you’re already using Sage Accounts, Excel spreadsheets or software from another provider, discover how to run your business at optimal efficiency and profitability.

Our free online webinars will show you how you can streamline processes between contractors, subcontractors and HMRC covering the following topics:

  • Job Costing
  • Client Billing
  • CIS & subcontractor management
  • Managing Plant
  • Applications & Retention’s
  • Managing Variations
  • Reporting
A more efficient way to manage your subcontractors alongside Sage Accounts

Thursday 25th August, 10:00am

During this webinar you will see how you can manage your entire subcontractor chain for both labour only and subcontractor packages from order to payment within one fully integrated solution.

Full webinar details:

During the webinar you will see how you can:

  • Quickly and easily calculate and verify CIS automatically. 
  • Validate and track subcontractor insurance and CSCS policies. 
  • Quickly and easily access subcontractor data, including their history, quality and availability 
  • Monitor performances and generate subcontractor payment statements, invoices and letters at the click of a button. 
Tackle the skills shortage by deploying technology on site to make your workers more productive

Thursday September 8th, 10:00am

During this session we will look at how you can ease the pressures of the current skills shortage within the construction industry by deploying technology on-site that will help your workers become more productive. 

Full webinar details:

During the webinar you will see how you can:

  • Remove the need for your workers to leave site by providing them with construction mobile apps that will allow them to capture key project information which can be automatically shared between sites and the back-office. 
  • Allow relevant people to raise purchase orders from site for materials they need whilst ensuring you stay within budget. 
  • Record all deliveries made to your sites and automatically match them to the original orders and costs of invoices received. 
  • Capture your employee timesheets in real-time via a mobile app which can then be sent to the office, removing the need for site and office workers to manually fill out timesheets. 
Wave goodbye to spreadsheets and cut your workload in half

Thursday 22nd September, 10:00am

During this session, we’ll look at how you can cut your workload in half with an easier way to manage and report on your construction projects without the need for lots of manual spreadsheets or disparate systems. 

Full webinar details:

During the webinar you will see how you can:

  • Never go over budget again without knowing it as you can easily see the performance of all contracts in one place. 
  • Stop wasting hours manually preparing the information you need with customised Excel dashboards and full contract reporting at the click of a button. 
  • Control when and how much you pay sub-contractors and gain peace of mind around the compliance and quality of subcontractors employed. 
  • Never miss a payment again with tighter control of applications, valuations and retentions, ensuring you bill for the right amount at the right time. 
  • Make sure hired plant is never left on-site by mistake by accurately recording plant orders per contract and be warned when an overspend is likely to occur. 
Never miss a payment date again with tighter control over applications, valuations and retentions

Thursday 6th October, 10:00am

During this webinar you will see how dedicated construction software can help to ensure you never miss a payment date again by managing applications for payment, details of sales invoices received, and retentions held by or against you to make sure they are claimed for at the appropriate points. 

Full webinar details:

During the webinar you will see how you can:

  • Accurately track retentions held by or against you to ensure they are claimed for at the appropriate points using automatically calculated release dates. 
  • Surveyors can value work completed onsite, record client variations and raise applications/log client certificates and sales invoices without using spreadsheets. 
  • Track the money you have applied for vs what has been invoiced and what cash has been received against each job. 
  • Capture accurate client billing information and subcontractor arrangements so that everyone within the business can see the accurate financial position of each project. 
See Construction-specific software for Sage Accounts

Thursday 20th October, 10.00am

This webinar has been designed to give you an overview of Construct for Sage Accounts so you can see how the solution can help you to replace manual processes and save time, reduce risk and ensure your projects come in on time and within budget.

Full webinar details:

During the webinar you will see how you can:

  • Access your key project information from anywhere – on site, in the office or working from home.
  • Manage your job costing processes with functionality including; Quotations, Invoicing, CIS, Subcontractor Management, Applications, Valuations & Retentions.
  • See the real-time performance of your contracts at the click of a button to reduce reliance on your accounts team and ensure you never go over budget.
  • Benefit from a range of mobile apps to help improve communication and visibility of information between what happens on site, with teams in the office.
Manage the full lifecycle of your projects within one fully integrated solution

Thursday 3rd November, 10:00am

During this webinar we will look at how you can increase efficiency and save time by throwing away your manual spreadsheets and replacing them with dedicated software to manage the full project lifecycle from enquiry through to final account.

Full webinar details:

During the webinar you will see how you can:

  • Manage risk, remain efficient, competitive and profitable with software that manages the full project lifecycle from estimate through to final accounts. 
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of estimating, then support agile, informed commercial decision making to help you win more work. 
  • Once jobs are won, you can control contract costs and monitor the performance of your projects in real-time with dedicated contract costing software. 
Access your live construction-related project data in seconds alongside Sage Accounts

Thursday 17th November, 10:00am

This webinar is designed to show how you can gain a real-time view of the performance of your construction projects alongside Sage Accounts to help you make better informed decisions. 

Full webinar details:

During the webinar you will see how you can:

  • Quickly analyse costs, revenue and profit over the lifecycle of a project to help identify where things may have gone wrong, remain agile and make changes where necessary. 
  • Easily find previous buying prices including which suppliers provided the best price for materials previously purchased. 
  • Access a range of reports that can help you quickly report on your projects including; Work in Progress, Cost Value Reconciliation, Retentions, Variations, Plant on Hire. 

Short for time? View a recording below

Watch Construct Cloud Webinar

I started searching online and watched a webinar before inviting Eque2 to show us what they could do with a live demo. I made the decision to purchase Eque2 two weeks later when a consultant came out. The face to face meeting was great.

Phil Woolland, Managing Director at Hawkspear

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