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Our Partnered Approach to Implementation

Eque2 software is implemented using our proven methodology which has been developed through years of experience with contracting clients in the construction and related sectors.

Extraordinary customer experience goes far beyond the implementation of our software. Our dedicated and experienced team of helpdesk experts provide over-the-phone support so our customers get the most from their software and can be assured of continuous and effective operations. We offer a variety of access to online knowledge centres, and additional support-related services including training, project management, report writing and business analysis consultancy.


To make the implementation of your new software successful and create as little disruption to your business as possible, we agree clearly defined goals and objectives with both parties right from the start.

Once we understand your strategic rationale and desires, the project team assigned to you will explain the software functionality, its relationship to your business requirements and the high-level benefits that the software will deliver to support your strategy.

Hardware and infrastructure requirements are also considered at this stage. We work closely with resellers who can match the software to be installed with the required hardware and infrastructure. A complete project budget is then put together and reviewed along with the project scope and those outcomes considered essential.


Once your strategic targets, budget and other early-stage issues have been fully debated and accepted, it’s time to move into the planning phase.

The first project meeting – often dubbed a ‘kick-off’ – will formally confirm that the objectives and outcomes are agreed, that the software and hardware are ordered and the timetable for implementation is set.

A fully resourced project plan is created for the implementation timetable and this will be regularly reviewed throughout the project to ensure that the project remains on track in terms of timescales and cost. Eque2 consultants will be appointed to the project, introduced to your management and project teams and service dates will then be allocated.


Once your hardware has been delivered, installed and tested, your new software will be installed, followed by administrator training and business analysis workshops which will drive the system configuration.

Our solutions have multiple configuration settings to suit the many ways construction companies work, so these sessions will establish your optimum configuration. Subsequent configuration changes may be required as the project progresses and will be logged to ensure proper ‘historic change’ control is applied.

Our workshops will cover how the system works as well as its set-up and configuration techniques. Once key user training has been delivered, the configuration will be checked to ensure that it delivers the processes agreed during the business analysis workshops. Based on the results of the checking, a formal go live decision will be made.


Once a positive go live decision has been made, it is time to begin the roll-out of a training programme to your end-users. This should be done on your data to ensure a smooth adoption of the system by the users.

Typically, the end users will be trained by the key users from the project team. We recommend that a formal and detailed agenda is sent to each trainee so they can study their schedule fully before their course starts.

Standard Eque2 training guides are available for your users, although you may prefer to adapt them to cover your own processes which we can help with if required. These training guides will then become a company asset which will be of particular benefit for new employees during their induction into your methods and procedures.


At this point we recommend that the original project team is replaced by an internal user group to review the software’s use throughout your business. This group would discuss new versions, brainstorm new areas of the application, review training needs, outline software-related changes to working practices and any other issues with the new system.

Just as a car needs a regular MOT, software needs checking from time-to-time and you may find it useful for an Eque2 representative to audit your system by reviewing data and talking with your users.

Audits typically find some people using the software incorrectly and therefore failing to gain the expected efficiency benefits. We would then offer recommendations to address those issues. We provide a help desk to resolve any daily issues, which designated users should be encouraged to use for software defects, help with the software, or concerning software changes and modifications.

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