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Construct Cloud provides you with access to your contract and commercial information anytime, from anywhere, using any device


Access to your full Construct system from anywhere – whether you’re working onsite, at home or in the office

Watch a short demo to see how you can access Construct Cloud from anywhere on any device.


Configurable list views allow each user to easily set their own columns and filters for every list of data

Watch a short demo to see how you can create configurable list views in Construct Cloud.


Faster data entry times around the system including automated batch entries for purchase invoices and timesheets

Watch a short demo to see how Construct Cloud provides faster data entry.


Improved collaboration with your subcontractors by capturing progress and timesheet information via a mobile app, and easily convert an application into a certificate 

Watch a short demo to see how Construct Cloud provides improved collaboration with subcontractors.


Quick access to documents and files against the relevant contract, without needing to add extra storage, from anywhere

Watch a short demo to see how you can gain quick access to documents and files.


More real-time job management reporting at your fingertips with on-screen dashboards with search / filter options 

Watch a short demo to see how Construct Cloud allows more real-time job management reporting.


Construct Cloud gives you the opportunity to centralise even more of your key accounting and commercial management processes including: 

  • Customising sales invoices with free-text itemised billing
  • Sending jobs out directly to engineers and workers in the field
  • Expanding your approvals process into groups 

Moving to Construct Cloud is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1

Moving your ‘static’ data across to Construct Cloud

Our professional services and onboarding teams move your data across and setup your new instance of Construct Cloud 

Step 2

Manage existing Jobs in Construct, and new Jobs in Construct Cloud

To help ensure a smooth transition, we have built tools which allow you to run the two systems in parallel until your on-going jobs are completed. 

An automatically combined CIS Return is submitted from Construct Cloud and reports are available to combine data from both solutions. 

Historical data from your Construct system remains available to you indefinitely

Step 3

Getting new users up to speed

Our dedicated onboarding team in parallel with on-line training sessions for your users and step by step tutorials within Construct Cloud, help to ensure users are comfortable completing the processes critical for their role in the new solution. 

Your onboarding person will be with you every step of the way, and you will continue to be supported by the Eque2 support team. 

Copper Projects select
Eque2 Construct Cloud

As a business, we weren’t quite ready for the leap to an ERP but we needed to evolve from a desktop based solution. Construct Cloud was the natural next step for us and has helped us to develop our Finance processes as we continue to grow. We now have the flexibility to work from anywhere, we have been able to involve our delivery team with site procurement and can easily view our financial positions on projects at any point in time. Construct Cloud has given us more fluidity, our Management team have more visibility and it has helped us to keep up with the evolving industry.

Becky Day, Finance Manager, Copper Projects

Apple Orchard make the move
to Construct Cloud

The onboarding and implementation team were great. The training was excellent, and the simplicity of Eque2 Construct Cloud enabled everyone in the office to get to grips with it very quickly.

Sean Mooney, Projects Director
Apple Orchard Construction Ltd

R&R Migrate to
Eque2 Construct Cloud

We chose to migrate from Eque2 Construct Hosted solution to Eque2 Cloud, the difference in speed is remarkable, and the ability to have multiple windows open is game changer for several processes within our company. The feature set closely matches that of Eque2 Construct, and only minimal training and changes to existing processes have been required to migrate our team over.

Simon Johnson, Office, Development & Reporting Manager, R&R Utilities

Severn Insulation move
to Construct Cloud

We found the migration process to be very straightforward with little or no disruption caused and our financial information transferred across seamlessly. Invoicing of projects has probably seen the greatest enhancement with the ability for them to be raised from the contracts tab, all users have commented how fluid the billing process now is. We have been very impressed with all facets of Construct Cloud from ease of transition through to content creation and raising orders.

Craig Williams, Director
Severn Insulation

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