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Work remotely to bring your construction company together

April 21, 2015

Remote working is good for business, good for staff and great for customers – but how can you use it to bring your construction company together?


It’s predicted that 60% of office-based employees will regularly work from home by 2022.

So why should construction mean staff working side by side on a building site?

Benefits for the employees:

Remote working will enable employees to monitor project milestones, manage bid tendering and collaborate with subcontractors, colleagues and management wherever they are.

70% of managers report that remote working results in increased productivity.

Remote working allows employees to work flexibly – reducing sicks days and increasing staff retention.

Flexible working rights encourage a 38% drop in absenteeism and benefit businesses to a value of £55.8 million

This increase in profit is crucial for construction companies as the cost of material continues to rise.

Efficiency will increase as employees can spend their time working on projects and completing data entry immediately, rather than returning to the office at the end of the day.

Benefits for employers:

Employees will feel more satisfied in their role and more willing to engage with your processes.

Nine out of ten companies say that offering flexible working arrangements is an effective way of improving employee morale.

The flexibility enabled through remote working will enable employees to have

a better work and life balance, saving 60m hours of leisure time.

Remote working can be used as a recruitment tool to bring your construction company together.

Offering flexible technology attracts Generation Z to your business.

With staff retention becoming an increasing problem in the industry, it’s important to keep your employees happy.

How to offer remote working:

Adopting the right construction software will enable your staff to access and input information any time, anywhere on any device and increase collaboration as a result. Project managers, contractors and subcontractors can all be brought together despite being far apart, to ensure the success and completion of your project.


  • Remote working can improve communications, without people returning to the office.
  • Mobile technologies can increase collaboration across all people involved.
  • Mobile working solutions attract a new generation of workers.

Discover more tips on how technology can attract Generation Z by downloading: How to attract the next generation to work for your construction company.

How to attract the next generation to work for your construction company

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