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Why Civil Engineers are moving to Cloud Construction Software

March 6, 2024

At Eque2, we’ve been supporting Civil Engineers and Groundworks Contractors of all shapes and sizes across the UK and Ireland for over 20 years. We have helped them to manage their entire project lifecycle, from estimating through to final accounts.  

This month, we’ve been supporting E. Quinn Contracts LTD to move to Construct Cloud for Sage Accounts to manage all of their construction accounting processes both on-site and in back-office. 

Continue reading to learn why many civil engineers and groundworks contractors are turning to our cloud-based industry-leading solutions.

E. Quinn Contracts, their history and challenges

Based in Northern Ireland, E. Quinn Contracts are industry leading civils who specialise in road planing, ranging from footway & warehouse floor removal to motorway runway works. 

However, as the business grew, they needed a new way to manage their growing amount of projects and to maintain the level of quality they delivered. Therefore, they entered the software market, with their core requirements being: 

  • Move away from spreadsheets yet works with their existing Sage Accounts. 
  • Have the ability to tightly control subcontractor processes. 
  • Provide them with tighter controls over applications of payments and retentions. 
  • Optimise their day-to-day accounting, relieving their back-office teams from working overtime 

With their requirements in place, they entered the market. 

Eque2 and E. Quinn Contracts 

After entering the market, they soon discovered Eque2 and were able to quickly and easily arrange a free of charge live online demonstration with a product expert to see how the software could work for their specific requirements at E. Quinn Contracts.  

After their discovery session E. Quinn Contracts were introduced to Construct Cloud, a cloud-based solution which would allow them to access their construction accounting software at anytime, anywhere and on any device. This meant their on-site workers and office staff could have complete visibility across their financials. 

One of the key drivers behind the decision to implement Construct was the need to relieve their accounts teams from overbearing processes. Manual processes and spreadsheets were cumbersome and time-consuming, hindering the company’s ability to access real-time insights. With Construct Cloud, E. Quinn can generate comprehensive reports on procurement, client billing, subcontractor management, and more at the click of a button. 

E Quinn Contracts recognised that as they continue to grow, it is crucial to have a robust system in place to support their expanding operations. By implementing Construct, they proactively positioned themselves to handle increased project volumes and complex reporting requirements before reaching a critical growth stage.

To support their teams, E. Quinn Contracts enquired what other innovative technology they could deploy to their sites. They were shown how they could use the Mobile Goods Received Notes app and Mobile Purchase Order app to achieve a three-way match between Purchase Orders that are raised, with the goods that are delivered to their sites as well as the invoices that they are asked to pay.   

After the demonstration, E. Quinn Contracts Limited purchased Construct Cloud alongside the Goods Received Notes and Mobile Purchase Order Apps to ensure an accurate and seamless link to their on-site and back office sites. 

Are you a civil engineer or groundworks contractor and Interested in learning more? We have created a free, online, personalised demo where you can see how our software can upgrade your existing processes. To watch this demo, click here.   

To learn more about why Eque2 is already the UK’s and Ireland’s market-leading construction accounting solution for civil engineering and groundworks, click here 

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