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Why This Company is using Eque2’s Construction Software to Manage the Full Project Lifecycle of Their Jobs

October 4, 2022

How do you manage the construction accounting and job costing processes that relate to your construction jobs?

Do you use dozens upon dozens of spreadsheets that don’t link into each other causing wasted time on manual/ duplicating entries and risk of entering incorrect information?

Perhaps you use physical documents like timesheets or physical invoices and often discover them being misplaced or smeared in concrete mix?

Maybe you even use multiple disparate or out-of-date systems which have the potential to crash, posing the risk of you losing all of your data?

In the last few weeks, we’ve heard all of the above. These reasons are the last straw for many companies before they enter the market in search of the perfect solution.

B & W Builders and Decorators (B & W) and nationally renowned contractors who cover all areas of the construction spectrum, including refurbishment, renovation, and reinstatement to only name a few.

They’ve made the decision to adopt Eque2’s Evaluate Estimating Software to manage their estimating processes, Construct for Sage Accounts to handle their construction accounting and job costing processes, and ServiceStream to manage their maintenance jobs and on-site engineers – meaning everything is managed within one fully integrated solution to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

Continue reading below to discover why B & W have adopted Eque2’s construction software to manage their full project lifecycle.

Eque2’s EValuate Estimating Software

In the past, B & W were using Excel spreadsheets and a bespoke-but-dated tool to handle their estimating and pre-contract processes. Although the bespoke system originally catered to their needs, as the business grew, the solution did not, causing bottleneck issues when trying to perform simple processes such as exporting bills of quantities and performing take-off.

Therefore, B & W needed to find a solution which could not only manage their pre-contract processes, but one which could grow alongside them.

After discovering Eque2, an online demonstration was arranged where B & W saw how EValuate has the capability to remove the need for spreadsheets in the pre-contract phase by centralising their tendering, adjudication and take-off into one system.

They saw how EValuate can allow users to create a library dedicated to their estimating which contains descriptions of work, information on suppliers and cost codes enabling B & W to start their tendering for work exponentially quicker by pulling existing information from their libraries.

Furthermore, with EValuate’s Project Valuation Centre, B & W saw how their subcontractors could use their dedicated online portal to submit their valuations for approval, and ensure they are certified for work.

Finally, B & W saw EValuate’s dedicated take-off tool Stratosphere. Stratosphere is cloud-based which means that they can perform a fast, accurate take-off anywhere, on any device at any time.

Eque2’s Construct for Sage

Before Eque2, B & W were using a mixture between an old bespoke system, Sage50 and spreadsheets to handle their post-contract and accounting processes. However, with the bespoke system becoming more and more unstable, no integration into Sage accounts and the lack of functionality, they became reliant on spreadsheets and duplication information from Excel into Sage50. This took up a lot of time both duplicating and checking figures as errors in the figures were common.

Therefore, B & W entered the market to find a solution. After discovering Eque2, a demo was arranged where they saw Construct for Sage 50.

During the demo, they saw how Construct was a cloud-based solution similar to EValuate, meaning they could access their construction accounting software at anytime, anywhere and on any device. This meant their on-site workers and office staff could have total visibility across their financials.

As Construct linked directly into EValuate, their job costing data could be brought over into Construct and be used to set up and track jobs instantly, with automations tracking financials to ensure projects are kept within budgets. With its two-way integration with Sage Accounts, their project and company financials are kept secure and accurate.

Being a cloud solution meant that live reports could be generated instantly by anyone, no matter the location. These reports, such as WIP, Cost vs Budgets, Profit and Loss (and many more) can be generated live in seconds providing total visibility and clarity to anyone with access to Construct.

With Construct’s Approvals module, B &W would have ability to automate the process of approving documents such as Purchase Orders, Timesheets and Invoices, allowing them to save significant amounts of time.

Eque2’s ServiceStream

In the past, B & W were using spreadsheets and physical documents to manage, record and track their ongoing or completed maintenance jobs. However, documents were often misplaced, and spreadsheets were becoming more difficult to process due to the growth of the business and the increase in staff.

During an online demonstration, B & W saw how Eque2’s ServiceStream can provide total visibility over their maintenance jobs by allowing them to send real-time updates to their on-site and field engineers. These updates include job details, locations and the work which needed to be completed.

With ServiceStream being a cloud-based solution, it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, similar to EValuate and Construct for Sage. With its seamless integration into Construct, B & W could have detailed views of each job and integrate these details against their financials in both Construct and Sage 50 the reduce the needs to manually search through disparate systems

Finally, B & W saw how ServiceStream would allow them to record materials used and labour hours, then issue summary cards to ensure their finances were correct and customers were billed accurately.

Final Thoughts around Construction Software

After the demonstrations of the products, B & W Builders and Decorators Purchased:

To find out more about our Eque2’s Evaluate Estimating Software, Eque2’s Construct for Sage Accounts Job Costing Software and Eque2’s ServiceStream Maintenance Software, get in touch with a member of the team for a free online demonstration.

Alternatively, you can see how the solution can benefit you first-hand by checking out one of our free, online webinars below:

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