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Why Construction Estimating Software is Essential for Today’s Estimators

October 2, 2018

Over the past decade, the role of the estimator in construction projects has evolved to incorporate wearing more hats which can, at times, eclipse ‘traditional’ duties. Estimators today are more collaborative in style and often have to utilise project management skills, which in turn have a greater impact on project costs and quality.

Successful estimators have always displayed skills more commonly associated with architects and engineers, as well as professionals outside construction such as lawyers and accountants (contractors have long asked estimators to review job contracts and identity provisions that may increase financial risk). However, over recent years the role has expanded so quickly that the job of the modern estimator may be regarded as significantly different now.

Reviewing plans, performing takeoffs, analysing data, working out cost estimates and putting together bids are still the estimator’s bread and butter. They now also go beyond a pre-construction role – displaying skills of a risk manager and negotiator – and absorb some of the project manager’s responsibilities too, including managing subcontractors during construction.

One factor that has influenced the evolving role of the estimator is technological advancement. Where before tender documents were completed by hand, now estimators and contractors are increasingly technology-oriented as more processes on modern construction sites are becoming automated. While estimators are taking on a hybrid role that bridges the gaps between estimating, design, database management, business development and technical sales, adopting new technology such as construction estimating software streamlines the tasks they need to juggle.

EValuate construction estimating software from Eque2 can vastly improve productivity, offering the modern estimator more time to concentrate on other duties throughout the day. EValuate makes it possible to quickly produce and import accurate Bills of Quantities; perform fast onscreen takeoffs; easily manage subcontractor enquiries by issuing multiple tenders electronically; and produce detailed estimates using data stored from previous projects through a user-friendly interface.

EValuate now incorporates Laxton’s Priced Libraries, the UK’s leading building price book, offering both SMM7 and NRM2 rules of measurement to suit the needs of both well-established and newer estimators. As it’s a suitable entry-level software for training industry beginners, while also offering the power and capability required for larger companies, it was announced earlier this year that The City of Glasgow College is implementing Evaluate construction estimating software to help train students working towards a career in the construction industry. Recognising the need to continually modernise, the college adopted the fastest-growing construction estimating software in the UK to boost their students’ prospects and set them up for future recruitment opportunities.

With EValuate and the City of Glasgow College’s expertise, students gain the hands-on skills and understanding of modern technology they need to hit the ground running and become the next generation of construction industry leaders.

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