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Tech Brings Talent: Construction ERP Software Takes Your Business Forward

October 30, 2018

Digital technology can transform the construction industry, but only if the sector is equipped with the right skills and knowledge, according to a new report.

Unlocking Construction’s Digital future: A Skills Plan for Industry by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) shows how modern technologies can increase productivity and increase efficiency. Furthermore, the report warns that, without widespread digital adoption, construction risks losing a generation of new talent to other sectors.

In compiling this study, the CITB spoke to 35 organisations across England, Scotland and Wales. It found that the industry should be clearer on what ‘digital construction’ actually means and how best to use it. It further advises that, for change to happen, new ways of working need to be driven from the top; company leaders need to realise that effective communication and management of data are central to their digital transformation.

Following the report’s findings, the CITB is committing to a programme of support to help meet the skills challenge that would complement the digitisation of the construction sector. Steve Radley, Director of Policy at CITB, said:

“We will work with industry to agree on digital skills goals and a plan of action to achieve them. If we can do that, British construction can become more productive, more profitable, and more attractive to the talented workers it needs.”

A key finding from the report is that innovative technology should be widely shared to improve the sector as a whole. For example, modern cloud ERP systems, such as Eque2’s EVision, streamlines your entire enterprise, enabling your team to share information with greater ease and accuracy. Construction ERP software from Eque2 is a powerful tool that allows you to automate and streamline business processes throughout the full construction and contracting lifecycle.

As you can make decisions in real time while monitoring and predicting the outcomes of projects based on previously gathered data, projects not only become more efficient to run, but a job in construction becomes a more desirable option. New technology offers the construction industry the opportunity to leave paper documents and spreadsheets behind and, as such, the chance also to attract a young, skilled workforce accustomed to modern digital tools like Eque2’s construction ERP software.

EVision is built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, pairing the capabilities of Microsoft’s platform with specific construction-focused functionality to maximise productivity. Since the platform is familiar to around 1 billion people around the world, there is no need for new users to get to grips with a new system. Recruitment is also be made easier, as MS-competent staff would already be familiar with the look and feel of EVision.

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