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Skills Shortages: What the Construction Industry Looks like Now and into 2020

November 17, 2015

Uncover how to head off the looming construction skills shortage that threatens to destabilise the sector.


The industry is facing a new danger in this post-recession climate: a construction skills shortage.
While there is huge potential for growth and increased profit margins over the next five years, the industry is not attracting the staff in the numbers it needs. From on-site staff to white-collar workers, trainee numbers and retention rates in construction are worryingly low.

And it’s an issue which could potentially bring companies to their knees if they don’t act now.

To combat the danger, our Slideshare reveals how companies can embrace strategies that will ensure they don’t fall foul of the construction skills crisis; from improving the image of the sector and increasing overall productivity rates to training up existing personnel and building on their skillsets – all while embracing critical ICT solutions to maximise communications and collaboration.

Are you ready for the challenges that your company will face in the build up to 2020?

Uncover more about how IT can help secure your business’ future by downloading Eque2’s free eGuide: ‘Maintain profitability by managing fluctuating resource in the contracting industry’.

Maintain Profitability by Managing Fluctuating Resource in the Contracting Industry

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