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September Construction Contracts Hit £5.4bn: Get ahead with construction accounting software

October 16, 2018

Latest figures from The Builders’ Conference show that the total value of new construction contracts awarded in the UK in September reached the highest monthly total for more than a year.

The construction trade association and market intelligence provider reported a total of £5.84bn in new contract awards in data derived from its unique league of contractors. The usual monthly benchmark threshold is £4bn.

These results show further evidence that, despite a slowdown in September, new orders by construction purchasing managers are on the rise again, with September’s numbers being the highest since August 2017 – although that month was itself a slight anomaly as £7bn of the £11.26 of new contracts awarded was for HS2.

With a surge in contracts being awarded, and an influx of new work, it can be a challenge to get ahead of the competition and manage multiple new projects. With construction accounting software like Eque2’s EVison, one simple solution can give you the edge on your competitors.

Construction accounting software doesn’t just help manage in- and outgoings; it offers total visibility and control of project finances. Real-time data, role-tailored dashboards and easy integration with MS Office put all the information you need to make smarter decisions at your fingertips.

For project planning, EVision also offers 360-degree visibility and control, from tender to completion; for example, our construction accounting software enables you to keep track of all plant hiring, storing and invoicing, ensuring you never miss a deadline. Plus, you can keep track of all project suppliers and subcontractors in one place.

As well as giving you total power over ongoing projects, EVision uses previous data to help create accurate forecasts for future projects and workloads, so you can plan for even unexpected events, create fast, accurate tenders and ultimately win more business.

With positive growth evident in the construction industry, discover the power of Eque2’s software to see how you can get ahead and boost your business’ profits.

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