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Plans unveiled for Aberdeen’s Union Square expansion

February 17, 2016

Plans have been unveiled for an expansion of the Union Square shopping mall in Aberdeen.

Developer Hammerson wants to build new retail and leisure space, along with a new cinema, more car parking, a 120-bedroom hotel and a reshaping of the existing shopping zone.

If the plan gets the go-ahead, it will generate 1,000 construction jobs.

The plan has already gone through a public consultation, with a choice of design themes between the granite city and the maritime heritage of Aberdeen.

In the event, the latter won, which means the timber of the boats historically seen in Aberdeen’s harbour will be incorporated into the design of the extension.

General manager for Union Square Ryan Manson said: “From the outset it has been vitally important to ensure our plans provide maximum benefit to not only our 16 million customers, but the wider local community.”

He said the key was to develop a plan that is in keeping with the council’s masterplan for the city centre.

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