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How Tricas Construction Limited are streamlining their operations with construction management software

June 9, 2023

Tricas Construction Limited, a dynamic property development company, has recently embarked on a journey to enhance its operations and improve efficiency by implementing marketing-leading construction management software 

In this article, we’ll be exploring Tricas’ experience with the system, its key requirements, and how the software helped them centralise information, eliminate manual processes, and achieve live reporting capabilities.  

Prior Challenges 

Prior to implementing Construct, Tricas Construction Limited encountered several challenges that hindered their productivity and efficiency. These included: 

  • Fragmented Data Management: Tricas Construction Limited relied heavily on disparate systems and spreadsheets, resulting in data fragmentation and inefficiencies when retrieving data 
  • Manual Processes and Reporting: The company heavily relied on manual processes for procurement, client billing, and subcontractor management. This led to time-consuming tasks, increased error rates, and limited visibility into project status. 
  • Subcontractor Management: Due to duplication in spreadsheets, managing subcontractor processes such as CIS, CSCS and information distribution was cumbersome. 

Utilising Construction Management Software 

One of the key drivers behind the decision to implement Construct was the need for live reporting capabilities. Manual processes and spreadsheets were cumbersome and time-consuming, hindering the company’s ability to access real-time insights. With Construct, Tricas can generate comprehensive reports on procurement, client billing, subcontractor management, and more at the click of a button. 

Tricas Construction Limited recognised that as they continue to grow, it is crucial to have a robust system in place to support their expanding operations. By implementing Construct, they proactively positioned themselves to handle increased project volumes and complex reporting requirements before reaching a critical growth stage. 

Tricas Construction Limited had specific requirements they sought to address with Construct. One of their priorities was Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) reporting, which allows them to track project costs, revenue, and profitability accurately. Construct provided the necessary tools and functionality to meet this requirement seamlessly. 

Final Thoughts 

Tricas Construction Limited’s decision to implement Construct has proven to be a significant step toward streamlining its operations, centralising information, and eliminating manual processes.  

By embracing this comprehensive construction management software, they have gained live reporting capabilities, reduced reliance on spreadsheets, and positioned themselves for sustainable growth. With Construct, Tricas Construction Limited is well-equipped to face the challenges of the ever-evolving construction industry and drive success in its projects. 

To find out more about how cloud-based construction management software can benefit your business, click here. 

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