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How to expand your margins with help-to-buy sales

October 6, 2015

Britain’s housing market has a problem – buildable land is being released at only half the rate needed to address the housing shortage. Even with recent relaxations on planning permission for brownfield sites, there are still green belt and other laws to contend with.

For home buyers, that has one main outcome: higher costs. Hindering those who arguably need their own home the most: Generation Rent desperate to get on the early rungs of the housing ladder. The answer – for 80,000 families so far – is Help-to-Buy.

But can Help-to-Buy assist another section of society in need of a boost…our builders?

In the slides below we explore why getting to grips with the Help-to-Buy policy helps both builder and buyer.

So while smaller Help-to-Buy developers haven’t had an easy time, the opportunities are there. The scheme is designed to help new homebuyers – but if you look, there’s help for the builder, too. See how better information could boost margins on your Help-to-Buy builds.

  • Help-to-Buy isn’t a restriction, it’s an opportunity.
  • Smart use of information means builders of all sizes can make Help-to-Buy pay.
  • Help-to-Buy developers enjoy less competition… and bigger margins.

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Establishing Competitive Advantage - a Guide for House Building Companies

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