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How ReGen Facades are utilising the entire Construct EcoSystem

June 23, 2023

Spreadsheets, disparate systems and paper documents are becoming an ever-increasing issue for construction companies across the UK and Ireland. For some, it’s next to impossible to keep track of dozens, if not hundreds of separate data silos and duplicate information accurately between them. 

ReGen Facades, specialists in building facades, have recently acquired Eque2’s Construct for Sage alongside an array of mobile apps and modules which seamlessly integrate into it. Continue reading to discover how ReGen Facades utilises Eque2’s range of solutions to manage their project financials. 

Who are ReGen Facades and what issues were they facing? 

ReGen Facades, previously Facade Industry, are specialists in cladding, windows, doors and curtain walling. They provide tested and bespoke building envelope solutions to the UK market, offering specialist consultancy, design & chartered engineering, and flexible procurement and installation services. 

ReGen recently acquired numerous new and ongoing projects. They recognised that spreadsheets, existing systems which didn’t integrate effectively into their existing Sage Accounts and paper job sheets would become cumbersome and ineffective in both the short and long term. Therefore, they entered the market. 

ReGen Facades knew the exact requirements of the software they needed. They wanted a solution which: 

  • Quickly costs projects and reports their financials live. 
  • Had the ability to estimate and perform takeoffs, then feed the data into the post-contract phase. 
  • Effectively track project variations and retentions held by/against them. 
  • Accurately monitor subcontractor insurance and CSCS Cards as well as handle CIS payments. 

Soon after entering the market, they discovered Eque2 and its Construct for Sage construction accounting solution. 

What did ReGen Facades see during the demo? 

After getting into contact, an online demonstration was arranged. After being told about their key requirements, the demo was tailored to display how the software can effectively replace their manual processes and grow alongside the company. 

Pre-contract and Estimating 

Initially, ReGen saw EValuate, Eque2’s estimating and pre-contract solution. They recognised, at a top-line level, that the software would allow them to respond to tenders quicker and with greater accuracy. 

However, delving deeper into the product, ReGen saw Eque2’s EValuate handled all of their pre-contract processes in one place including takeoff, tendering, adjudication, pricing and subcontractor enquiries. They saw how EValuates pricing libraries would allow them to easily produce Bills of Quantities either manually or populate fields easily using data from previous jobs which could be saved. 

They saw Dimtronics takeoff, an EValuate module that allows users to perform a fast, accurate take-off from all file types whilst providing the user with a live link between the dim sheet and mark-up. 

Furthermore, with seamless integration into Construct for Sage accounts, their job costing data could be brought over into Construct and be used to set up and track jobs instantly, with automations tracking financials to ensure projects are kept within budgets. 

Post-contract and Job Costing 

When viewing Construct for Sage, ReGen saw how estimates when pushed into Construct, could be automatically generated into PO’s. This would allow them to remain accurate, efficient and profitable as all data is automatically matched. 

When being demonstrated Construct’s job costing functions, they saw how they could create custom and fully editable budget templates with cost codes. This would allow them to easily set up and track costs based on real-time progress across their projects. 

ReGen also saw how they could produce live reports in real-time at a granular level. With live reporting, they saw the numerous reports Construct had to offer, including contract variations, retentions and WIP reports. 

With Construct’s subcontractor management functions, they saw how they could verify their subcontractor’s CIS and track CSCS with the integrated HMRC Portal. 

ReGen were introduced to Construct’s Approval Module. This module would allow them to automate the process of approving new or amended documents including Purchase Orders, Timesheets and Invoices, saving them significant amounts of times and reducing the need to organise paper documents. With Construct’s PO Mobile app, these PO’s can be raised on site. 

After the demo, ReGen Facades acquired: 

  • EValuate Estimating 
    • DIMtronics Takeoff 
    • Post Contract Module 
  • Construct for Sage Accounts 
    • Approvals Module 
    • Invoice Capture 
    • PO Mobile App 
    • GRN Mobile App

To find out more about how EValuate, Construct and its additional modules can benefit your business and your construction-specific processes, click here. 

Alternatively, you can watch a free, tailored demo where you can see Construct in action by clicking here. 

Discover Construct for Sage in Action

Click below to view a free tailored demonstration of Construct which you can watch at your own convenience.

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