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Eque2 supports strong growth in Irish construction market

January 18, 2019

The Irish Times has reported a continued positive outlook for the construction industry in the Irish market with growth reaching a four-month high in December 2018. Activity has grown in both commercial and residential construction with purchasing activity rising at the fastest pace in the last nine months.

During this period of growth, Eque2 has worked closely with customers and have spoken to a growing number of construction companies which have decided the time is right to look at how technology could remove the strain on internal resources trying to cope with the increased demand. Having the right technology infrastructure in place helps ensure companies are able to take on more work and stay ahead of the competition.

Eque2 already support a number of customers in Ireland with construction specific software developed to streamline every stage of the construction or house building lifecycle including John Sisk & Son, Ardmac and Braidwater. The company has also recently welcomed two new companies on board; Neptune Group and Castlethorn.

Operating since 2001, Neptune Group, a residential and mixed-use property development and investment company operating in London and Northern Ireland recently selected Eque2’s Housebuilding solution integrated with Eque2’s ERP contract management software EVision to streamline business processes. Previously using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and Quickbooks to manage their accounting processes, Neptune Group wanted software that would cater for their retail, commercial and residential arms of the business as well as the house building element. Eque2’s software brings all aspects of the property development and management process into a centralised solution. Richard Hewitt, Head of Construction Finance at Neptune Group commented: “We felt the integrated solutions will allow us to easily gain access to information and streamline some of our current processes which will reduce the resources and time spent trying to source information and create reports from across the business.”

Leading property developer in Ireland, Castlethorn, also recently chose EVision and Housebuilding to capitalise on their growth strategy. Castlethorn went to market in search of software that would connect the various departments and processes and provide them with the house building functionality they were seeking without having to customise this themselves. With the seamless integration provided between EVision and Housebuilding, the company decided this was the best solution for them. Daniel Vard, Senior Finance Manager at Castlethorn explained: “We hope to see improved communication across departments and better consistency and reliability of information across the business as everyone will be feeding into the one solution process.”

Eque2 is proud develop strong long-lasting relationships with its customers helping support their ongoing software needs. If you would like to find out how your company could benefit from using Eque2’s software designed specifically for the construction industry, please get in touch on 0161 939 0111 or email:

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