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Northern Bear

Northern Bear are a specialist building services contractor consisting of 10 companies across a mixture of industries. They employ well over 300 people and work for housing associations, NHS Trusts, Universities and national house builders.


Northern Bear have been Eque2 users since 2011 using Sage 200 and Construct for Sage. Prior to this Northern Bear carried out a lot of duplication and manual processes. The core of this was made up of CIS and sub-contractor management from the Group’s 10 companies due to the high number of sub-contractors the company uses.

Lianne Davison, Accounts Manager at Northern Bear commented, “It generally took Northern Bear a full week to fill in Returns, as we had to type them into Sage, and then again into a spreadsheet to reconcile and record the figures, this was very time consuming and it took a lot of effort to keep the spreadsheets up to date”.

Before selecting Eque2 Northern Bear tracked costs using Sage and spreadsheets, which lacked the visibility the Group now needs to continue operating at growth. The previous processes held no record of client retentions, which affected the Group’s ability to track costs and any money owed to the business. This meant the Group was unable to manage its cost savings accurately, leading to machinery not being returned on time or plant machinery being left on-site for more days than required, becoming costlier for the business.


Since implementing Construct for Sage 200 Northern Bear have been able to overcome these challenges. Lianne commented, “Construct is very accurate at providing all the information that you really need. Construct gives Northern Bear the ability to pull reports instantly for management meetings or other ad-hoc tasks, without having to go to multiple sources to pull different reports”.

Having recently upgraded to the latest version of Construct, Northern Bear are also benefiting from the new user-friendly interface and are also now utilising the purchase orders functionality. For Lianne, the highlight of upgrading to the latest version of Construct is “definitely time savings, especially with the Purchase Order module, which means we no longer have to fill in manual purchase orders, or go hunting for them in the office to match invoices at month end. Construct is more efficient, we don’t miss any invoices. It’s like a chain reaction you save time along the entire process”, Construct saves and stores invoices into Sage, invoices can also be saved by project which makes them easier to find and work on.

To discuss the features and benefits of Eque2’s Construct for Sage accounting software, please contact a member of our team.

Construct definitely saves time, especially with the Purchase Order module. No more filing manual purchase orders and hunting for them to match invoices at month end, there's no invoices missing, it's like a chain reaction, you save time all along. I love the new version, it's a very user friendly - 30 people use it on a regular basis and they all seem to be happy. I would recommend it, just for the fact that it’s so easy to use and gives you all the information you really need, when you need it.
Lianne Davison, Accounts Manager
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