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Why Axis Entrance Systems are adopting construction accounting software to manage their full project lifecycle

June 30, 2022

We often say at Eque2 that what makes us unique is our ability to help construction companies manage the entire project lifecycle from generating the initial estimate through to sending the final invoice, and managing everything in between. Often a customer expands on their usage of our construction accounting software over time, however in the case of Axis Entrance Systems, they identified a unique opportunity to transform their processes by implementing our whole suite in one go – in this article we look at why.

For over 30 years, Axis Entrance Sytems has manufactured, implemented and maintained automatic doors in the healthcare, education, government and commercial sectors. Axis are widely recognised as one of the leading providers of elite door systems across the UK.

What makes this company truly unique is how they provide quality and care; from the pre-contracting phase when costing contracts through to maintaining their products after implementation. Axis Entrance Systems handle the entire process.

For a company that provides this level of care throughout their contracts, they needed a system which matched their ethic of quality and care.

Continue reading below to learn how Eque2’s estimating, contract management and service management solutions are being used by Axis to provide some of the highest quality services across the United Kingdom.

Eque2’s EValuate Estimating Software

Before Eque2, Axis were heavily reliant upon Excel for estimating and tendering. Being so reliant on spreadsheets meant that they often found themselves with an overabundant amount of work due to the number of times certain figures had to be entered when tendering for contracts. They found that a single discrepancy in the tender could set them back hours when rectifying.

When approaching Eque2, they pointed out the core functionality they required alongside what their ideals would be when adopting construction-specific estimating software. They needed a solution that:

  • Removes the need for spreadsheets
  • Reduces the chances of human error
  • Has the ability to increase their tendering speed

During an online demonstration, Axis saw how Eque2’s EValuate would remove the need to handle their tendering and adjudication processes in Excel through built-in advanced reporting functionalities and the ability to control margins at the click of a button. EValuate supports importing existing spreadsheets to automatically populate the system meaning Axis could save a lot of time, whilst also allowing for data to be exported back into spreadsheets if need be.

EValuate has functionality that enables users to build an estimating library which details descriptions of work, information and cost codes. This would enable Axis to build up a library full of their previous jobs, templates, asset values and costs, then apply those to new contracts and automatically populate fields. This ensures accuracy amongst the figures whilst increasing their tendering speeds by preventing significant amounts of manual entry.

Axis Entrance Systems then saw how Eque2’s EValuate linked into Construct for Sage. They found this to be excellent for them as a seamless link between systems would allow them to migrate their pre-contract projects and figures into Construct once the job had been won.

Eque2’s Construct for Sage Accounts

To manage their post-contract and construction accounting processes in the past, Axis Entrance Systems were also using spreadsheets alongside a piece of outdated job costing software which they had to drop due to instability, data corruption risks and poor functionality.

Axis needed a solution which:

  • Managed their job costing
  • Raised purchase orders
  • Tracked subcontractor processes
  • Monitored specific costs through reports

During the demo, Axis saw how Construct for Sage can manage their job costing. Job costing data could be brought over from EValuate into Construct and be used to set up then track jobs.

They also saw how Construct would allow them to raise purchase orders and trach them against a contract’s budgets, ensuring they don’t overspend.

With Construct’s subcontractor management functions, Axis saw how they could verify their subcontractor’s CIS and track CSCS with the integrated HMRC Portal.

Construct’s ability to generate real-time reports at the click of a button would allow Axis to monitor every aspect of a job at any time including costs, work in progress, materials on-site and more.

Finally, with Axis found they could adopt Construct’s Mobile Timesheets App which would allow their on-site workers to enter timesheets

The Approvals Module for Construct would give Axis the ability to automate the process of approving documents such as Purchase Orders, Timesheets and Invoices, allowing them to save significant amounts of time.

Eque2’s ServiceStream

In the past, Axis found themselves using physical documents to record and track completed or ongoing maintenance jobs. However, by handling physical documents, they found that documents would often be misplaced and would be easy to gloss over documents with important due dates.

Eque2’s ServiceStream ensures that you have total visibility over your maintenance jobs, and Axis recognised the value it could bring to the business.

Axis Entrance systems saw how ServiceStream could send real-time updates to their field engineers including the details of jobs, locations and the work that needs to be carried out. This would allow them to uphold the level of care and quality they already provide with their maintenance.

They also found that tracking the costs of materials and labour they did in ServiceStream could be moved to Construct with the seamless integration between the software. This would allow them to have detailed views of each job and put them against their financials in Construct and Sage.

Finally, Axis saw how ServiceStream would allow them to record materials used and labour hours, then issue summary cards to ensure their finances were correct and customers were billed accurately.

Final thoughts

After the demonstrations of the products, Axis Entry Systems Purchased:

We’re excited to support Axis Entrance Systems with all their future endeavors.

To find out more about our Eque2’s Evaluate Estimating Software, Eque2’s Construct for Sage Accounts Job Costing Software and Eque2’s ServiceStream Maintenance Software, get in touch with a member of the team for a free online demonstration.

Alternatively, you can see how the solution can benefit you first-hand by checking out one of our free, online webinars below:

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