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Using Eque2’s Software to Manage your Full Project Lifecycle

February 9, 2023

Recently, we have seen a huge influx of companies who are looking to change the way they manage their projects from the pre-contract phase through to the post-contract phase. 

At Eque2, we supply an array of construction-specific solutions designed to manage the whole project lifecycle. 

Continue reading to discover why this construction company has adopted Eque2’s software to manage the estimating processes through to final accounts. 

Who are Bora Construction Ltd and what were their needs? 

Bora Construction Ltd are specialist contractors who focus on Substructure, civil engineering, and external landscaping work. By providing a complete service from tendering through to project completion, they have made a reputation for themselves as being one of the most trusted and high-quality contractors in the UK. 

In the past, Bora used an out-of-date construction project costing system to handle their pre-contract processes. However, the solution became unsupported, which  left them at risk of losing data. 

After assessing their requirements for a new system and what they would like to have, they concluded that their new system would need to: 

  • Manage their contracts from budgets 
  • Provide a clear indication of project costs and visibility on historic/committed costs. 
  • Centralise their pre and post-contract information including budgets, invoices, and job costing. 
  • Give them the ability to raise purchase orders and allow them to be approved on site to ensure the supply chain was not disrupted. 

After researching the market, they discovered Eque2 and an online demonstration was arranged. 

What did they see during the demo? 

During the demo, Bora saw the power that Eque2’s solutions could bring to their business.  

Using Eque2’s EValuate Estimating software, Bora could see how they will be able to quickly produce Bills of Quantities, whether they are based on a previous template, the integrated Laxton’s Priced Libraries or from scratch. This would allow them to rapidly create a precise breakdown of all the material, labour and parts needed for a project. 

Furthermore, EValuate directly integrates into Construct, Eque2’s construction-accounting software. This would allow Bora to centralise their entire full project lifecycle from pre-contract to final accounts. With Construct having a two-way integration into Sage, Bora was thrilled to have the opportunity to centralise all their construction estimating and accounting processes. 

When viewing Construct, Bora saw how they could manage their onsite plant with automated tracking, assess the materials they had as well as provide transparency to the entire company through real-time reports including WIP, Costs vs Budgets and Subcontractor Payments. Furthermore, they could create custom live reports which would allow them to see the financial position of any process they needed in real time. 

They also saw how they could use Eque2’s Mobile Delivery Notes app to achieve a three-way match between Purchase Orders that are raised, with the goods that are delivered to their sites as well as the  invoices that they are asked to pay. 

By pairing the delivery notes app with the approval’s module, Bora saw how they could ensure that their material supply chain would no longer be disrupted as purchase orders, invoices and timesheets could have all their approvals automated. 

After the demonstration, Bora purchased Eque2’s EValuate (Subcontractor Edition), Construct for Sage 50, Delivery Notes app and the Approvals module. 

If you are interested in learning how Eque2’s range of solutions can help you manage your full project lifecycle, click here. 

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