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Replacing Amtech with Cloud-Based Construction Software for Sage Accounts

July 13, 2023

Over the last couple of months, construction companies are telling us that Amtech, a company owned by Trimble, is discontinuing the support of some of their core modules which companies across the UK currently utilise. 

The retirement of Amtech’s modules means new uncertainties have been introduced for users, and looking for alternative solutions for managing their construction accounting, field service and estimating processes can be a daunting task. 

This month, we’ve had an influx of these users enquire about how we can help them ensure they avoid as much disruption to their businesses as possible, whilst also helping to increase their accuracy, productivity and profit margins. 

Continue reading to discover why this month, so many Amtech users are making the switch to Eque2’s cloud-based construction software for Sage Accounts. 

Sleaford Building Services LTD 

Sleaford Building Services (SBS) are a design and build MEP contractor specialising in quality engineering solutions across the UK. Based in Lincolnshire, they offer a unique service founded on decades of engineering expertise 

In the past, SBS were using Amtech’s Financial Suite. However, after the announcement it was going to be discontinued, Sleaford entered the market looking for a solution which: 

  • Integrated with Sage 50. 
  • Filled the gaps in their current system so that they could move away from spreadsheets. 
  • Removed the need for double entry between software, spreadsheets and accounts. 
  • Needed the ability to raise purchase orders and manage the approval process. 

Shortly after entering the market, SBS discovered Eque2 and an online demonstration was arranged. 

During the demo, Sleaford Building Services saw how Eque2’s Construct Cloud could replace their existing Amtech software, whilst also helping them move away from spreadsheets to one end-to-end solution. 

They saw how Eque2’s Construct eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and manual reconciliation with it’s seamless integration into Sage Accounts. This improves workflows by removing reliance on spreadsheets, reduces errors, and saves time by enabling automatic data transfer and synchronisation between the two platforms. 

They also saw how they could use the Mobile Goods Received Notes app and Mobile Purchase Order app to achieve a three-way match between Purchase Orders that are raised, with the goods that are delivered to their sites as well as the invoices that they are asked to pay.  

By pairing the Delivery Notes and Purchase Order apps with the approval’s module, SBS saw how they could ensure that their material supply chain would no longer be disrupted as purchase orders, invoices and timesheets could have all their approvals automated. 

Finally, Sleaford viewed Construct’s subcontractor management functionality. They saw how they could verify CIS online, manage payments and monitor their subcontractor’s CSCS and insurance. 

After the demonstration, Sleaford Building Services acquired Construct Cloud, alongside it’s Approvals Module, Mobile Purchase Order and Goods Received Notes apps. 

Playfords LTD 

Playfords LTD are a leading building services contractor with nearly 100 years of experience and expertise in the fields of electrical & mechanical services, voice & data cabling and audio-visual networking. They pride themselves in providing the complete solution for all buildings M&E services installations. 

Before discovering Eque2, Playfords were using Amtech to manage their construction accounting processes. However, with the announcement the product’s support will be discontinued, they entered the market looking for a replacement. Their requirements for this replacement were: 

  • The solution was to be fully cloud-based. 
  • Had powerful functionality around subcontractor management. 
  • It had features to manage and record plant hire details and place them against projects. 
  • Could job cost to replace their manual spreadsheets 
  • Had the ability to produce live reports such as WIP. 

Soon after entering the market and finding Eque2, an online demonstration was arranged where Playfords viewed Construct Cloud. 

Initially, Playfords viewed the benefits of cloud based software, and by seeing Construct in action, they saw how they could view, manage and perform all of their construction accounting processes at any time, at any location, on any device with an internet connection. 

Then, Playfords saw how they could manage their onsite plant with automated tracking, assess the materials they had as well as provide transparency to the entire company through real-time reports including WIP, Costs vs Budgets and Subcontractor Payments. Furthermore, they could create custom live reports which would allow them to see the financial position of any process they needed in real time. 

They then viewed Construct’s subcontractor functionality, which would allow them tor educe manual work and risk of errors with online CIS verifications, insurance & CSCS tracking. They saw how they could monitor performance ratings and manage subcontracted orders, subcontractor applications, invoice matching, cumulative tracking and self-billing payment certifications. 

After the demonstration, Playfords acquired Construct Cloud alongside it’s matching Approvals Module. 

Braid Mechanical and Electrical LTD 

Braid Mechanical & Electrical Services (Braid) have been offering a full design and build service since 1926. They pride pride themselves on being leaders in their field as well as delivering projects to a very high standard, within budget and on programme. 

With the Amtech announcement, Braid entered the market looking for a solution which: 

  • Provided advanced job costing functionality. 
  • Could manage both UK and Ireland subcontractor tax payments and processes. 
  • Produce live reports of their current projects and financials. 
  • Could accurately track plant hire. 
  • Remove the need for spreadsheets across their processes. 

After looking at other vendors offering, Braid discovered Eque2 and Construct for Sage Accounts.  

They saw how they could manage both their Irish and UK contractors. Through the integrated RCT portal, Construct would allow them to manage their Irish subcontractor insurance as well as their ROS Tax. Through the integrated HMRC portal, they could manage their UK subcontractor processes such as CIS payments, insurance and CSCS verification. 

They also saw how Construct can provide real-time visibility of their actual financial performance on every job as well as the ability to cost jobs effectively and manage their purchasing and subcontractors efficiently. 

Braid also viewed Construct’s job costing functions. These functions would allow for them to create custom and fully editable budget templates with cost codes. This would allow them to easily set up and track costs based on real-time progress across their projects. 

After the demo, Braid Mechanical & Electrical Services acquired Eque2’s Construct. 

Your Next Steps 

Are you currently an Amtech user and are evaluating your options?  

By being proactive and taking steps now, you can minimise the impact of Amtech being discontinued on your business and continue to operate efficiently and effectively.  

To help make your transition easier, we have created a free, online, personalised demo where you can see how our software can upgrade your existing processes. To watch this demo, click here 

To learn more about why Eque2 is already the UK’s and Ireland’s market-leading construction accounting, field service and workforce management software provider, click here. 

Discover Construct for Sage in Action

Click below to view a free tailored demonstration of Construct which you can watch at your own convenience.

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