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How This Company is Benefiting from Eque2’s Cloud-Based Construction Software

October 28, 2022

Every week, we write about how companies up and down the UK are using our industry-specific software to manage their construction processes. We write about the specific pain points that our various solutions solve in their projects’ pre-contract, post-contract, and maintenance phases.

This week, however, we’re focusing on something which is changing not just in the construction industry, but across the entire UK and even the globe. We’ll be focusing on cloud software.

Read below to discover how Construction Cloud software is changing the game in the industry.

Who are GE Civil Engineering LTD?

GE Civil Engineering LTD (GE) are experts in delivering civil engineering and groundworks. Providing only the best services, GE delivers their expertise with precision, dedication and skill.

Self-describing as “The new name on the groundworks scene” and having 60 years of combined experience amongst senior management, GE wanted modern software for their modern company.

What challenges were they facing?

GE needed a new job costing system which would provide them with total visibility across their projects and costs with a granular view over their cost code categorisation. This system also needed to match purchase orders and invoices together, whilst providing the ability to approve orders to ensure their budgets wouldn’t be exceeded.

Other processes which they needed visibility of, and streamlined were subcontractor payments, plant costing, live reporting, variation management and client billing.

Finally, GE wanted to be able to access their project data, anywhere at any time. Knowing all of this, they entered the market.

After discovering Eque2, an online tailored demonstration was arranged where they saw Construct for Sage in action.

GE Civil Engineering and Construct

During the demo, GE saw how they could produce live reports in real-time at a granular level. With live reporting, they saw the numerous reports Construct had to offer, including contract variations, retentions and WIP reports.

GE were demonstrated Construct’s job costing functions. These functions would allow for them to create custom and fully editable budget templates with cost codes. This would allow them to easily set up and track costs based on real-time progress across their projects.

With Construct’s subcontractor management functions, GE saw how they could verify CIS online, manage payments and monitor their subcontractor’s CSCS and insurance.

When viewing Construct’s Approval Module, they saw how they could save a lot of time and improve the accuracy of approving new or amended documents such as purchase orders, timesheets and invoices.

GE saw how they could track the true impact of plant costs on their financials. Construct’s plant hire feature would allow them to track their plant effectively so that it isn’t left on site longer than necessary. This is done through automated alerts and reports warning you of potential overcharges.

Finally, GE understood the benefits of cloud based software, and by seeing Construct in action, they saw how they could view, manage and perform all of their construction accounting processes at any time, at any location, on any device.

After the demo, GE Civil Engineering LTD purchased Eque2’s Construct for Sage and it’s Approval Module

To find out more about how cloud-based construction software can benefit your business, click here.

Alternatively, you can register here for a free live online webinar to see Construct in action by clicking here.

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