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How companies are capturing information from site workers with construction-specific accounting software

September 22, 2022

How do you record the hours worked by your on-site and field workers?

Recently, we’ve been approached by a wealth of companies who are looking to improve the way they track the hours worked by their workers and move away from physical documents to a digital format.

Read below to discover why companies this month are utilising Eque2’s Mobile Timesheet Apps for Construct for Sage.

A.K.D Systems Limited

A.K.D Systems Limited (AKD) are Edinburgh-based specialist electrical contractors who provide a competitive, professional and assured service, which identifies and fulfils the individual requirements of each customer.

Established in 1989, AKD offers commercial, industrial and residential electrical contractor services with experience and expertise – bringing knowledge and professionalism to every project, regardless of size or complexity.

In the past, AKD were using Excel spreadsheets alongside Sage 50. However, spreadsheets caused AKD a wide variety of issues, the main ones being:

  • Duplicating information between their spreadsheets and their Sage 50 accounts due to no direct integration, causing more work and increased risk of errors.
  • Excel spreadsheets were becoming unstable due to size and crashing, causing loss of work.
  • Some formulae were producing incorrect results due to modifications of spreadsheets, causing more work and knock-on effects when entering more data.

By having a large fleet of specialist electrical engineers, recording hours worked in spreadsheets can be extremely laborious. AKD needed a way to accurately record their manual labour.

With all this considered, A.K.D Systems LTD needed to centralise all their processes into one centralised solution.

When looking for a system, AKD discovered Eque2 and requested a demonstration where they could see Eque2’s Construct for Sage in action.

During the demonstration, AKD saw how Construct completely removes the need for spreadsheets due to its direct integration with Sage alongside its ability to centralise their construction processes such as applications, retentions, reporting, and much more.

By removing the need for spreadsheets, AKD could handle all of their construction processes without the fear of data corruption, the guarantee of accuracy and improved efficiency across their on-site and office workers with increased visibility of their accounts.

Furthermore, AKD discovered by using the approvals module, they could save a lot of time and improve the accuracy of approving new or amended documents such as purchase orders, timesheets and invoices.

Finally, they viewed the Mobile Timesheets App. This app would allow employers or site managers to enter timesheets for themselves or their team from any mobile device in real-time. These timesheets are then automatically transferred over to Construct, removing any need to chase employees or collate physical documents.

After the demo, A.K.D Systems Limited purchased Construct Cloud, alongside the Approvals Module and Mobile Timesheets Apps for their entire on-site workforce.

Aardvarc Electrical Engineers

Aardvarc Electrical Engineers (Aardvarc) are high-voltage engineers based out of Hebburn, just outside of Newcastle. Committed to delivering an end-to-end high voltage engineering service, Aardvarc offers a wide range of services including professional advice, technical services, project management, purchase assistance and much more.

Before Eque2, Aardvarc were using Sage 50 accounts alongside spreadsheets to handle their construction processes. However, spreadsheets were causing numerous issues such as reducing accuracy and producing stunts in efficiency due to duplicating information between Sage 50 and spreadsheets.

Due to the nature of spreadsheets, Aardvarc had no visibility of live financials. There were a lot of processes which Aardvarc needed to track, but it was extremely tricky using spreadsheets. They found that tracking the status of plant, managing contracts (setup, enquiries, quotations) and financial reports including visibility of committed costs could take weeks.

With such a large workforce of consultants, managers and of course, engineers, managing paper timesheets was becoming extremely time-consuming and as the business expanded, so did the risk of misplacing or inaccurately recording hours worked. Therefore, they needed a solution to manage their workers.

Aardvarc Electrical Engineers entered the market to find a solution, and soon discovered Eque2 where an online demonstration was arranged.

During the demo, Aardvarc saw how Eque2’s Construct can ensure accuracy throughout their figures and accounts through advanced automations. These can be utilised to calculate live reports providing endless amounts of visibility across all aspects of a project. This includes the ability to track the status of plant, cost against budgets, committed costs and more, all in real-time.

These automations can be set to alert users when incorrect figures have been entered or there is a danger of going over budget when job costing.

Furthermore, with Eque2’s Document Capture Module, Aardvarc saw how it could record all sent and received documents including invoices, purchase orders and subcontractor alterations. They were shown how they could set up project folders to keep total visibility across their project expanse.

Finally, Aardvarc saw how they could digitise their workforce with the Mobile Timesheets app which would automatically transfer the hours recorded by their on-site and field workers to Construct for Sage accurately and seamlessly, allowing them to move away from a paper office.

After the demo, Aardvarc purchased Eque2’s Construct for Sage, the Document Capture Module and the Mobile Timesheets App for their entire workforce.

To find out more about how Construct can benefit your business and your construction-specific processes, click here.

Alternatively, you can register here for a free live online webinar to see Construct in action by clicking here.

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