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Watch a short online demo which is personalised to your challenges to see how Sage construction accounting software can help you to reduce risk, increase profitability and cut your workload in half.

Eque2’s construction-specific cloud-based job costing software for Sage Accounts is helping thousands of construction companies across the UK and Ireland throw away their manual spreadsheets increase efficiency and profitability within their business.

Watch an online demo now to see how you can:

  • Never go over budget again without knowing it as you can easily see the performance of all contracts in one place. 
  • Stop wasting hours manually preparing the information you need with customised Excel dashboards and full contract reporting at the click of a button. 
  • Control when and how much you pay sub-contractors and gain peace of mind around the compliance and quality of subcontractors employed. 
  • Never miss a payment again with tighter control of applications, valuations and retentions, ensuring you bill for the right amount at the right time. 
  • Make sure hired plant is never left on-site by mistake by accurately recording plant orders per contract and be warned when an overspend is likely to occur. 

You can watch a short demo personalised to your requirements by clicking the link below

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